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UFOs and Corn Mazes

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

By Elizabeth Hamblett

This is a drawing of a blue UFO light over a purple and black canvas textured background.

I have never understood why people are fascinated by the full moon. I have always looked forward to the nights where the new moon is hidden in the sky. When the stars are brightest. When the other lights that dance across the horizon can be seen. It is on one of these nights, that my perspective of the universe shifted. Which isn’t something you expect to happen while you are wandering around a corn maze.

Wandering around a corn maze may not be a typical life experience. Unless you live in a place where spooky themed corn adventures are socially required 3 months out of the year. Growing up in New England, the yearly outing to the corn maze was always a must. Candied apples in hand, we would spend hours trying to break our way through miles of twisting and turning passageways on sunny autumn afternoons.

As we got older, we graduated to crisp autumn breezes, and the haunted adventures that night would bring. A corn maze during the day has a joyous feel to it. The surprises that lurk around each corner are laughing friends, colorful costumes, and delicious apple cider donuts waiting for you at the end of your journey. At night the world takes on a different feel. There is laughing, but it is tentative.

Each step is taken slowly, instead of with abandon, as you ease your way around each turn. Trying to peek around the corners to see what might await you. The costumes become scarier and more real, and each corn stalk that brushes against your skin brings images of scary movies into you mind. Then slowly with each step that you take deeper into the maze the stars become brighter in the sky, and the dark of night folds in around you.


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