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The Star Jelly Files

Peek behind the veil

Star Jelly Files Banner image of a jelly jar floating through space.

Adventures with Opal - Preview

Adventures with Opal is a bonus fantasy and science fiction series that is part of the Star Jelly Files podcast universe.

When I launched the main podcast, I got lots of feedback that many beings would like to hear more about the things Opal has experienced on Earth with regards to the paranormal happenings in her life. So, I spoke to her, and we both decided that it might be fun to start a mini podcast where she can share some stories with us. Episodes tell stories from her life, such as when she visited the Roswell crash, when she met Bigfoot, and many other paranormal adventures that have happened during her life.

These episodes are available to Patreon subscribers. If you would like to learn more about how to be a Patreon subscriber, or would like to listen to episode one for free, visit

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